la vie de Praerie is another way of saying Life on the Prairie or Prairie Living. This translation is my own French — you won’t find it in a phrase book. It took three years of living on this land – building the house, creating the home and garden and orchard and hen house and vegetable patch from scratch, before I came to see it as it really is: a world away from the world. I stopped seeing only the wood and began to see the trees. Proverbially. Another kind of life is happening here. Here the weather plays a very big role. It does not come softly, softly. The wind screams, the sun scorches, the soil yields growth with reluctance. Summer temperatures are harsh. In winter everything drowns. Distances are far, no popping into a shop for something you forgot to buy. There is much solitude.  There are neighbours all around, but I cannot see them. We wave to each other in passing among clouds of dust on the dirt road. With all this peace and tranquility, and taking me completely by surprise, came my longing for needlework. I have always dabbled at painting and drawing, and have always had a studio in which to work. But now, the easels have been pushed to one side and large cutting tables have been installed. My heart came home when I started to sew. When I pick up a lovely piece of linen, and thread my needle with DMC cotton thread….When I machine stitch that oven glove that took me hours to figure out the perfect fit and size….when I decide that the apron width must be just so, covering the hips whether you are fat or thin, and I know that the fabric it is made from is just too beautiful for an apron but must therefore especially be used….and you are the recipient of this product whether you purchased it or received it as a gift, you must know that while I was making it, my happiness was complete.